Chief Keef Ordered To Pay $25K Lump Sum + $2,500


Chief Keef Ordered To Pay $25K Lump Sum + $2,500 Chief Keef will have to double his grind now that he has another mouth to feed. The 18-year old Chicago rapper has been positively proven to be the father of a 10-month old baby by a young woman by the name of Erica Early.

Keef’s lawyer confirmed to TMZ that a DNA test shows there is 99.9% chance his client is the father. He’s been ordered to pay a lump sum of $25,000 back pay, plus $2,500 a month in child support moving forward.

The rapper just cut a check for $11,000 last month to reduce the $20,900 sum he was behind in child support to the mother of his first child. He was ordered by a Cook County, Illinois judge on October 21 to either pay up or head back to jail.

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