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Kerry Washington’s Skin Bleaching

Kerry Washington’s Skin Bleaching

Someone who used to work closely with the star has said that Kerry Washington has been allegedly bleaching her skin for the past couple of years. The source purports that she stopped around the time of filming Night Catches Us, but she resumed when filming the first season of Scandal. The source has stated that skin lightening creams were found in her possession while on the set of Django Unchained. After confronting Washington about it, Kerry Washington decided to cut all ties with the person. The source stated that Kerry Washington has a ton of self-esteem issues


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  1. Okkkk that doesn’t look like bleaching, just looks like one pic is w/o makeup in one form of lighting and the other one is all dolled up. She’s got a pretty even brown complexion.

  2. If that pic is real and her skin is like that, I’m not mad @ her

  3. Either way she’s gorgeous

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